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Our Agent Partners

We’re proud to partner with lettings and sales agents across the UK. We’re passionate about transforming homes and welcoming guests into them, and our partnerships with agents allow us to provide this offering to homeowners we wouldn’t otherwise know. Creating beautiful, livable spaces that show well and sell quickly and for their fullest value isn’t just a promise, it’s our purpose.

We’ve created a way of managing the home sale process that not only improves the process but the home itself, too.  It’s our responsibility to balance our guests’ expectations with a property’s needs, and we’ve gotten good at it over 4 years of property management. Our short-lets team has a seamless booking process designed to create transparency and trust with guests – they’re not caught off guard and everything about the home is upfront in the Home Truths on every listing we post.

This allows us to offer our home transformations and viewing experiences at no cost to homeowners. Our guests know what they’re getting, and are excited to stay in a transformed space, and their enthusiasm and support make the viewings that much better.


If you’ve been instructed to sell a home that you think would benefit from a transformation, please fill in the details below and we’ll be in touch. If you’d just like to know more about how we help homes sell faster and for more, please email info@staybeyond.com