What is the minimum time my property needs to be available for?

We prefer to take properties on a long-term basis but we can be flexible. We build our agreements around our homes’ availability so get in touch and we’ll accommodate

Will I have to pay any fees?

There are no fees. We offer bespoke income solutions to our property partners that optimise the yield of the property.

What if my property is unfurnished?

That’s not a problem at all, we’re happy to take on unfurnished properties and our transformation process works on homes no matter what state they’re in.

What personnel do you have in each city?

We have a dedicated operations manager in each city to deal with any guest issues, as well as a maintenance team and cleaners to keep every home in pristine condition.

Do you accept properties that are not located in your listed cities?

While the bulk of our portfolio exists across our current cities, we’re always looking for exciting new properties across the UK, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have somewhere wonderful.

How do you vet who stays in the property?

We have a meticulous screening process and primarily welcome families and business travellers. We cross-reference their details, verify their photo ID and confirm their payment card online before their booking is completed. We’ve got so good at selecting our guests that we haven’t had to claim a damage deposit in over 10,000 days of stays.

What if something breaks or goes wrong in my property?

We have extensive insurance in case of guest related eventualities. We will fix minor maintenance issues and we won’t get in touch with you unless there are major renovations or purchases needed.

What is the home cleaning process like?

We will provide fresh linens and towels for each guest and our housekeeping team will deep clean the property once they have left. We ensure your home stays in immaculate condition during our partnership.

Will I have any contact with the guests?

You don’t need to be in touch with the guests at any time. All questions and comments will come directly to us and we’ll take care of it. In most cases, you won’t even hear from us!

How can I be sure my neighbours won’t be disturbed?

We vet all our guests and make sure there are no party bookings. We also have noise monitoring devices in all our homes which alert us if the property is being too loud. We are careful to ensure everyone is aware of the house rules and we have a security service to handle anything that might disturb a neighbour.